Fixed or variable rate: which one for your home loan?

It is always the same question that every one of us is asking before signing a home loan with his bank. To gain a more objective overview, let’s analyse them one by one with their respective advantages and disadvantages.



Do I have to subscribe to a debt balance insurance?

The answer is no. Contrary to the common held view, you do not have to subscribe to a debt balance insurance when you take out a mortgage loan or a personal credit.

But, first of all, let’s remind what a debt balance insurance is. This form of accidental death insurance covers the outstanding balance of the loan in the event of your death. The insurance is limited to the duration of the loan and the amount paid by the insurer is the outstanding principal balance of the loan on the date of your death. The beneficiaries are the persons designated in the policy (the spouse or the children for example) or the lending institution. Against an additional premium, some companies extend the cover to disability and loss of income.



Paying more for housing and still happy!

Hard to believe but true: as we have seen in the previous infographics about the Luxembourg housing market, prices are higher in the Grand Duchy than in other European countries…

However, Luxembourg residents seem to be used to it and generally manage to find a suitable housing solution for themselves.

The proof is in numbers 🙂



How our nationality and our culture may influence our spending habits

In these times of globalization, our consumer behaviours are becoming more and more standardized and our cultural differences more and more eroded. We consume more or less the same things, and buy more or less the same goods. This is particularly the case in the European Union where cultures and borders are becoming increasingly permeable and interlinked.



How much do property prices influence our lives in Luxembourg?

Housing expenses are a significant part of our budget. Sometimes, the amount dedicated to rent or to paying off a mortgage can even prevent us from living the life we dream of!

So what impact does the housing market have on life in Luxembourg? more


Student employees’ rights and obligations

As a student, you might want to make some extra money and gain some paid work experience. Very good idea, but do you know your rights and obligations as a student employee?

Above all, you have to take into account the difference between the holiday-only student contract and the fixed-term employment contract outside school holidays.



What do Luxembourg residents think about the housing market?

Nowadays, dreams of home ownership tend to fade as costs reach ever-higher levels. In many countries, house prices are expected to continue to rise. Confidence in the European housing market has hit a plateau, though vast shifts in outlook can be seen across Europe.

But what do Luxembourgish residents think about the housing market?


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Are pets too expensive?

You absolutely need a cat or a dog in your life but you don’t know how much a pet will cost you? According to a study released in 2012, our French neighbours – who incidentally own the most pets out of all European nations – spend a yearly average of € 600 on their cats and € 800 on their dogs. Statistical data on pet ownership in Luxembourg are difficult to obtain. According to the only available figures, we spend € 937,8 a year but this number includes not only money spent on pets but also expenses linked to flowers and gardens!


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10 tips to succeed in your first job

So you’ve just got your first job – congratulations! But are you ready for the challenges of your new full-time working life? Here are 10 tips for standing out in your first job.