Parental leave: your rights are changing

The birth of a child is one of the most important moments in your life, and maximising the work-life balance is essential when you’re starting a family. Parenting is about to get much easier in Luxembourg, where the government has just expanded the range of options for parental leave. Beginning on 1 December, maternity and paternity leave will be more flexible and better paid under the new parental leave regime. Want to know more but it sounds like astrophysics? Don’t worry, here’s a simple break down of the primary changes:


Do you know how to recognise attempted fraud on your accounts?

From time to time, you probably receive e-mails asking you to pay some amount to unlock your account or pay for a transaction in advance on a private sale website. And your common sense tells you to be suspicious…

But sometimes, the fraud techniques are much subtler, and you could be surprised by apparent legitimacy of an e-mail resembling an official message from your bank.

Recognising a fake website remains difficult. Cybercriminals sometimes prepare for months. They can recreate a full website and even have a registered office address.

It’s therefore essential for you to know how to quickly recognise a hacking attempt to avoid having your accounts robbed.

Received an e-mail or call from your bank? Pay attention…



10 tips to protect your privacy on social networks

Each day, we use social networks to keep in touch with our friends and family, share our life moments, look for a job, or get information. However, there are certain risks associated with using them. That’s why it’s wise to check your privacy settings, possibly disable location services, and think twice before you post something.
Here are some simple rules to stop you from heading down the wrong track on social networks 😉


5 tips to protect yourself against cybercrime

Do you own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet? Do you use other devices that are connected to the internet? If so, you certainly know how important it is to protect them well. But do you know how? Follow these five basic steps to surf the Web safely.


Fixed or variable rate: which one for your home loan?

It is always the same question that every one of us is asking before signing a home loan with his bank. To gain a more objective overview, let’s analyse them one by one with their respective advantages and disadvantages.



Do I have to subscribe to a debt balance insurance?

The answer is no. Contrary to the common held view, you do not have to subscribe to a debt balance insurance when you take out a mortgage loan or a personal credit.

But, first of all, let’s remind what a debt balance insurance is. This form of accidental death insurance covers the outstanding balance of the loan in the event of your death. The insurance is limited to the duration of the loan and the amount paid by the insurer is the outstanding principal balance of the loan on the date of your death. The beneficiaries are the persons designated in the policy (the spouse or the children for example) or the lending institution. Against an additional premium, some companies extend the cover to disability and loss of income.



Paying more for housing and still happy!

Hard to believe but true: as we have seen in the previous infographics about the Luxembourg housing market, prices are higher in the Grand Duchy than in other European countries…

However, Luxembourg residents seem to be used to it and generally manage to find a suitable housing solution for themselves.

The proof is in numbers 🙂