Luxembourg: how do you like to pay?

According to the latest study from ING International Survey (IIS), 76% of Luxembourg residents questioned express a preference for a 100% cashless store over a 100% cash store. The percentage is even greater for residents who do not have Luxembourg nationality, with 80% opting for the 100% cashless store.

Why are cashless solutions evolving rapidly in Luxembourg ?

According to the latest ING International Study (IIS), 24% of the Luxembourg residents questioned stated that they only rarely use cash, compared with 21% at European level.  28% even stated they were prepared to live entirely cash-free!

Survival guide for safe winter driving

Freezing temperatures can transform a simple landscape into a winter wonderland. But for drivers, winter is not always particularly pleasant. Wet roads are hazardous enough, never mind those covered with snow or black ice… Since not everyone can leave their car in the garage, here are some pieces of advice for getting through the winter [...]

Big Data at the service of society

According to IBM, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past two years. Extracting value from this raw material hinges on the use of emergent practices and technologies commonly known as “Big Data”. In use in all areas, Big Data has gained a prominent place within society. But how does it work? [...]

How do our spending habits reflect our social origins?

The way we spend our money tells a lot about our social origins and education. And sometimes independently from our income. Even if our revenues can increase or decrease, our expense habits don’t change or a little. Beyond a common foundation to the whole population and taking into account that many counterexamples exist, the way [...]

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