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Si l’on se base sur les résultats de la dernière étude d’ING International Survey (IIS) sur le mobile banking, on constate que seuls 43% des détenteurs de smartphones au Luxembourg les utilisent pour leurs opérations bancaires mobiles, contre 57% à l’échelle européenne.  Des pays comme la Turquie ou la Pologne, par contre, enregistrent des pourcentages bien supérieurs avec des taux de respectivement 80% et 65% …

Historically low interest rates

Today’s low interest rates on savings make getting ahead with finances harder than ever. Let’s find out how Luxembourg residents feel about it.

Save to feel safe?

The sixth annual ING International Survey on savings asks more than 14,000 people in 15 countries how comfortable they are with their level of savings for 2017. We also delve into the effect of the low interest rates on savings seen in many countries. Let’s find out where Luxembourg resident stands compare to its neighbour.

Luxembourg residents: indebted but confident!

Without enough savings, people can end up needing rather than wanting to borrow money. In 2017, 20% of people in Europe have personal loans. Let’s find out what are the results for Luxembourg as well as its neighbours …

Last Christmas I gave you

Feeling festive at Christmas typically packs a punch to the wallet; across Europe 10% of people even went into debt during the season in 2015. In the 2016 survey, ING asked 13,576 people across Europe, the USA and Australia about their Christmas budgets and finances – confirming that many feel the holiday has become too [...]

What if you get €200 extra pay per month?

« Helicopter money » is a form of stimulus that involves central banks giving money directly to consumers in order to promote spending. Discover what Luxembourg residents think about it and how they would spend it.

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