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What are the conditions to create a limited liability company (SARL)?

07A limited liability company (société à responsabilité limitée – SARL) is the most widely used form of company in Luxembourg. Around two thirds of the companies in the country have this legal status. The reason why this specific type of commercial company is so used lies in the fact that the SARL has many advantages.

How to take advantage of Luxembourg’s thriving Startup ecosystem

There are several initiatives in Luxembourg that allow to develop and encourage entrepreneurship

How to start a startup?

Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur? Do you want to start your startup? Congratulations! You’ve just taken the more courageous decision of your professional life… and the more risky too. If startups have a high growth potential, they have also a higher failure rate than traditional companies. A great idea does not automatically lead to success.

Here are some tips to avoid common startup mistakes.